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What we do

Technology is a vital part of today’s business world. At Alice Solutions we help you integrate the latest productivity cloud software and solution developed by the some of the most popular companies in the world.


Cloud Applications

We’re a software, cloud applications reseller with a strong focus on Project management and sales focused CRM systems.

Integration & Training

We provide app integration / training for the likes of TeamWork,, Asana and many others

Sales Only CRMs

If you’re interested in improving your company’s sales revenue we also have what we call a Sales “only” CRM system.
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Increase in
Net Revenue
Clients averaging above 28% increase in net revenue. Lower total cost of ownership than mainstream generic CRM systems, easy integration and a very strong return on investment.


In Q4 of this year we will offer an online market place with an array of applications for you to provision at will – 24/7 from over 70 vendors like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Docusign, JumpCloud, Nimble, Zendesk, Zix, Copper, Avanan and many more.

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Our Partners

We are also the First Irish (ROI) partner for both TeamWork and Traefik